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Selling an Insurance Brokerage

After all your years of hard work, sacrifice and dedication, you only get one chance to sell your Company.  With that in mind, we work closely with you to obtain the maximum value you receive in the sale of your Brokerage.  But, beyond the important monetary concerns, we also focus on the other important things that matter to you; the terms of the sale, the future of your employees that have helped you achieve your success, and insuring a smooth after sale transition.
Every transaction is unique, but typically we divide the process up into 6 key stages of the selling process:
In Meeting
Stage 1 - Brokerage Review: The process begins with us getting to know you, your Brokerage and your goals and objectives.  We then analyze your agency to insure that we are putting your best foot forward when we take it to the Marketplace.  Part of this initial process is to work with you to insure that this is indeed the best time for you to sell.  It may be that the best initial course of action is that we work together to make some impactful changes now, that may serve to maximize the value you receive in a year or two to come.
Business Meeting
Stage 2 - Groundwork & Presentation:  We now move to developing the selling strategy and marketing plan, preparation of a Confidential Brokerage Informational Memorandum (CBIM), the purpose of which is to provide potential purchasers with a concise yet detailed report that will answer the majority of a potential purchasers questions, all while putting front and center best qualities of your business.
Business Meeting
Business Meeting
Stage 3 - Identifying Purchasers / Receiving Offers:  At this stage we now move to identifying and qualifying potential purchasers, initiating discussions and negotiations, data room management, through to the goal of receiving multiple offers.
Business Brainstorm
Stage 4 - Negotiation & Analysis / Due Diligence:  The focus of this stage is on the finalizing of the due diligence, addressing the purchaser's questions and concerns, negotiating the sale/purchase agreement, employment contracts, etc. and establishing the sale's closing requirements and process.
Shaking Hands
Stage 5 - Finalizing the Sale:  We are now moving into the home stretch of the process; concluding the negotiations, reviewing all documents, coordinating the closing with the Lawyers and the review and execution of the final sale/purchase agreement.
Business Team
Business Team
Stage 6 - After Sale Transition:  We now work to insure a smooth transition to the new owners, not only of the principals but also for the brokerage's valued employees.  If appropriate, this may also include your continued employment with the Purchaser and the negotiations of the terms there in.
Our goal is to work with you to smoothly manage the sales process from beginning to end.   Coordinating the process to minimize your stress, facilitate an efficient and effective process and to help you achieve the best return and most rewarding outcome.
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